Small Wonder

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Small Wonder

effective up to 20 grains

pipe size up to 1"

For hardness over 20 grains or pipe over 1" you need the Scalewatcher 3 Star

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"About a week after I installed my Small Wonder, I started noticing a few things. First was how soft my skin felt. My hands stopped cracking, they feel as if they have moisturizer on them all the time. The second thing I noticed was the water presure had increased in the house. I highly recomend the Small Wonder to any home user!"

Christopher Janes, Aptos, California

“What Eduardo has done for us is a miracle. Now all that ugly scale around the faucets is gone and our fixtures are looking like new again.”

“Now I don't have t
o remove and clean the showerheads any longer. Our water heater has stopped making that gurgling sound.”

Oscar and Susan Lowenschuss, Santa Barbara , CA


"When my water heater was new it heated the water twice as fast, then it started making this ugly gurgling sound, a year later we had to buy a new water heater and pay to throw away the old one which was scaled up. Since we installed the Scalewatcher we have no more scale problems. We love our Small Wonder!"

Josh and Betty Haskins, F.L. Seaside, CA



"A few days after installing our Small Wonder the scale around my faucets started to fall off.  The improvement in the feeling and taste of the water was almost immediate, and now our water heats up much faster. Thank you for a great product!"

Kari Scoggins, R.E. Agent, Builder. Scotts Valley, CA