Small Wonder

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Small Wonder

effective up to 20 grains

pipe size up to 1"

For hardness over 20 grains or pipe over 1" you need the Scalewatcher 3 Star

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Small Wonder Benefits

General Benefits

  • Small Wonder reduces soap scum and increases soap lather.
  • Provides your water with soft water characteristics without the addition of salt or chemicals.
  • Water feels silkier and soap rinses easier leaving you feeling squeaky clean.
  • Reduces water spots on dishes and fixtures.
  • Provides an environmentally friendly alternative to salt based water softeners

Appliances and plumbing

  • It dissolves and flushes out existing scale deposits Improving water flow in severely scaled systems.
  • Eliminates unsightly scale on faucets, showerheads, sink holes, toilets,
  • Removes existing lime scale deposits from faucets, shower heads, sinks and toilets.
  • Prevents fresh deposits of lime scale from forming.
  • Extends useful life of your water heater saving money on energy costs.
  • Saves septic systems or tile bed from the damaging effects of the brine (backwash) from water softeners.
  • Works hand-in-hand with iron filters, ozone systems, and UV systems helping to keep these systems free of hard scale deposits and working properly so that they last longer.
  • Works great in tandem with water softeners, reducing the amount of salt and backwashing required by the system. Less strain on the softeners can reduce maintenance, extend the life expectancy and improve the efficiency of the system.

Health benefits

  • Small Wonder treated water is healthy for People, Pets, & Plants:
  • With no added chemicals or salt, the beneficial calcium and magnesium remain in the water making it healthier to drink.
  • Salt based water softeners add a significant amount of sodium into the water, which is why Doctors advise patients with high blood pressure not drink it.
  • The decreased surface tension of the treated water makes it easier to absorb by plants making them healthier while saving water.
  • Helps control algae & bacteria: Limescale inside pipes and tubing provides a breeding ground for bio-growth. Because limescale is prevented and removed by the Small Wonder system bio-growth will be significantly reduced.
  • Reduces harsh affects of hard water on skin and clothing.
  • Itchy skin conditions including Psoriasis and Eczema are greatly improved or eliminated.
  • Small Wonder carries the CE mark which  certifies that the product has met EU health, safety, and environmental requirements, which ensure consumer and workplace safety.
  • Improves water taste: Minerals in water are removed from solution, which eliminates harsh or bitter taste in water.

Economic benefits

  • Low operating costs - less than $10 per year in electric consumption.
  • Saves Energy and Cuts on Energy Bills - because each 1/8  inch of lime scale removed increases heating efficiency by 30%.
  • Saves Water - No regeneration required to back flush system as in a salt or reverse osmosis system.

Environmental benefits

  • Unlike salt based water softeners, Small Wonder Systems are eco-friendly, and have no negative effects on the environment.
  • Salt discharged by softeners ends up in our water sources such as wells, lakes, rivers, streams, and aquifers. That is why salt based softeners have recently been banned in many communities in Texas, California, Michigan, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.
  • Small Wonder uses no salt or harmful chemicals.  Treated water is beneficial to vegetation and has been proven to increase plant growth.
  • Salt water softeners also use significant amounts of water during their regeneration process. By eliminating softeners, water otherwise used for regeneration will be saved.
  • By eliminating the scale accumulated in heating elements heat transfer is optimized saving up to 30% in energy use. Less energy consumption means less greenhouse gases resulting in reduced global warming.

Personal benefits

  • The water feels softer to the skin and washes better.
  • It is easier to build up a lather and hair feels much softer after shampooing.
  • Customers with contact lenses find that hard water stings their eyes and they need to rinse the contacts with wetting solution, but after Small Wonder treatment they can actually rinse their contacts and their eyes with plain water without irritation.
  • Personal satisfaction. Small Wonder is an eco-friendly technology that does not discharge harmful salt or chemicals and saves energy reducing global warming. For those people who are conscious about the necessity to protect the environment the use of this technology gives a great degree of personal satisfaction.

Your Appliances and Plumbing

  • Salt softened water is corrosive to appliances and copper piping.  Before using the Small Wonder technology, it was found that salt softeners did not extend the life of the water heaters compared to using no water treatment due to the corrosive nature of the salt water.
  • Small Wonder significantly lengthens the life of water appliances and causes them to run more efficiently.  Unlike a salt water softener, Small Wonder  eliminates scale buildup in water appliances and even removes existing buildup without adding salt.