Small Wonder

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Small Wonder

effective up to 20 grains

pipe size up to 1"

For hardness over 20 grains or pipe over 1" you need the Scalewatcher 3 Star

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Would you like to eliminate LIME SCALE and other HARD WATER problems?

Get a Small Wonder TM, the easy water treatment solution.

Small Wonder
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U.S. PATENT No 5,074,988

The ScaleWatcher Small Wonder electronic hard water conditioner will prolong the life of your hot water heater and appliances, saving up to 30% of your water heating bill while helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Eco-friendly - no salt or chemicals needed
Easy installation -  negligible electric use
No maintenance  - guaranteed performance

•    Prevent & remove lime scale
•    Provide whole house protection
•    Extend life of appliances
•    Save energy, save water, save money

•    Guaranteed results   ...more benefits

Even moderately hard water found in most lakes and rivers and sourced through municipal systems can cause  build-up of lime scale -  mineral deposits on the inside of pipes and appliances.  Scale build-up is accelerated by heat - it is most severe in dishwashers and inside your hot water heater. The scale inhibits the efficiency of these items which means they are using more energy. Small Wonder uses electric fields to suspend the minerals in your water eliminating them through the drain, thus preventing scale build-up in pipes and appliances, and over time it eliminates the pre existing scale deposits.

"A few days after installing our Small Wonder the scale around my faucets started to fall off.  The improvement in the feeling and taste of the water was almost immediate, and now our water heats up much faster. Thank you for a great product!"

Kari Scoggins

Kari Scoggins,
R.E. Agent, Builder.
Scotts Valley, CA

The effectiveness of the Small Wonder electronic descaler and scale prevention technology has been proven by INDEPENDENT RESEARCH.

Approved by the Los Angeles Sanitation Department as an alternative to the now illegal salt based water softeners.
Read the approval letter. Read about the Rebate Program.
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